Frank Mills - My Travels with Morley - Book


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    This is a must-read book for every true Frank Mills fan.

    Get to know the personal and playful side of the songwriter/piano player as he cruises the Bahamas with his jolly group of friends.

    "My Travels with Morley" reads as easy and with as much enjoyment as listening to one of Frank's musical compositions. The book comprises a collection of the complete unabridged, unadulterated, uncensored and frequently incomprehensible, but authentic, "Morleyisms!" – tangled expressions and statements that would make Archie Bunker and Yogi Bera take a back seat!

    Join Frank Mills as he gives a true account of his journey with "the boys" on a cruise to the beautiful Bahamian southeast Out Islands, a boater's paradise! A place "where the hand of man has never set foot!"

    The cruise takes place aboard two Bahamian sportfish yachts, Skylarklin'and Frank's Cay (pronounced key) of Sea. Travelling on these yachts are "eight sterile men" (a typical Morleyism!")

    Lots of laughter is sure to be a companion throughout this journey. But as Morley might say – and did: "Don't let him do that, he just had a hysterectomy!"

    Get set for an enjoyable read with more than a few chuckles. Join Frank on his travels with Morley and the remaining "six sterile men."

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