Charley Pride - Comfort Of Her Wings - CD


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    Here is Charley Pride at his best. "Comfort of Her Wings" is a CD that fans will cherish.

    "Comfort of Her Wings is a song that reminds me of my beautiful mother", Charley often states with emotion in his live performances. The CD also contains twelve other songs that are quickly becoming fan favorites including "Two Pump Texaco", "Chain of Love" and the great country classic "I Need Somebody Bad".
    1. Hook in My Heart
    2. Field of Dreams
    3. Empty Shoes
    4. Need Somebody Bad
    5. Trapped in an Old Country Song
    6. I Believe In) Good Old Country Music
    7. Chain of Love
    8. Two Pump Texaco
    9. Plenty Good Lovin'
    10. Old Heart (Rest in Pieces)
    11. 1If This Old House Could Talk
    12. Comfort of Her Wings3:19
    13. Stars and Stripes
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