Frank Mills - Piano Fun with Frank Mills - Book & 2CDs


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Rocklands Entertainment is proud to announce that Frank Mills has recently completed a brand new project (just in time for Christmas 2014) that is sure to exite fans of all ages entitled - "Piano Fun with Frank Mills - "Keyboard Karaoke".

Here is how Frank describes this new project in his own words:

"Pianofun is a songbook of 13 piano scores of my most popular pieces. It includes a CD of these 13 compositions digitally rerecorded original orchestral recordings with my piano, just like the ones you hear on radio, TV and film. For real "Pianofun" there is also a CD of these 13 compositions digitally rerecorded orchestral tracks without the piano that you can play along with, just like having your very own orchestra - "Keyboard Karaoke". 

We are certain that the "Pianofun" project will be of particular interest to piano teachers, many of whom already make extensive use of compositions by Frank Mills for their students. We hope you will help us spread word to these teachers in your area.

"Pianofun", consisting of the 13 song book, and two CD's as Frank describes above is now available for purchase.

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