Rita MacNeil - Traveling On - CD


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This compilation of Rita's most beloved songs includes many of her cherished songs. From Born a Woman to Saving Grace, Rita's son and long time manager, Wade, carefully selected, with the assistance of her many fans, and people she worked with, songs from every album she released.

  1. Who Will I Go to See  
  2. Part of the Mystery  
  3. I’m Not What I Seem  
  4. Flying on Your Own  
  5. Reason To Believe  
  6. I’ll Accept the Rose Tonight  
  7. Shining Strong  
  8. Home I'll Be  
  9. It’s for You  
  10. On a Friday Afternoon  
  11. Working Man  
  12. Common Dream  
  13. Time and Again  
  14. When we Overcome  
  15. Moon was Rising  
  16. Green Green Grass of Home  
  17. One By One  
  18. Weary Travelers  
  19. Let The Sun Come Through
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