Finally, after all these years, Mac Wiseman & Merle Haggard join together to create one of the most interesting duet CD's of all time.... Merle & Mac - "Timeless".


    The CD features 13 songs, a combination of efforts by these two legends, and a very special guest!  What a treasure.... a CD that will definitely be "Timeless" in your collection.


    1. If Teardrops Were Pennies (Merle & Mac)

    2. High On A Hilltop (Merle and Vince)

    3. I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home (Mac & Merle)

    4. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight (Mac & Merle)

    5. Learning To Live With Myself (Merle)

    6. Jimmy Brown The Newsboy (Mac & Merle)

    7. Mama Tried (Merle)

    8. Sunny Side of Life (Mac & Merle)

    9. Bringing Mary Home (Mac)

    10. Tis Sweet To Be Remembered (Mac & Vince)

    11. Old Christian Soldiers (Merle & Mac)

    12. Lord Don't Give Up On Me (Merle)

    13. Hold Fast To The Right (Mac)